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A real page turner.

Rosalba Gustin, company director

“When it comes to life after death, I’m a bit of an agnostic, on the principle that we can’t really know until we get there. But then along comes The Soul on the Ceiling – Conversations on Reincarnation, as told to Anthea Wynn.

There’s no airy-fairy New Age nonsense here.

It’s like a practical handbook about life after death, written in an easy to read, conversational style. Anthea’s Spirit Guide, Saint-Germaine, comes across as an amiable cove, who’s keen to get across what happens to quizzical humans – even if his patience does get tested sometimes by the raft of questions posed by Anthea!

I don’t think there’s one question that has crossed my mind on the subject that isn’t answered here: How is a soul created? … Do souls choose their parents? … What happens to your soul when you die? … What happens when you come back? Saint-Germaine shirks nothing, answering questions about the souls of miscarried babies, suicides and even what happens to the souls of people like Hitler. I was surprised to find myself shelving my cynicism, absorbed in the conversations. The book provides much food for thought and discussion long after you’ve put it down.”

Gabi Brown, Author
January 2018

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Peter Benn, Author

This book has everything you might want to know about reincarnation but were afraid to ask.

Simon Surtees, Amazon reviewer

...the information was fascinating and informative...

Rebecca Turner, Amazon reviewer