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It made me question my fundamental core beliefs.

Gabi Brown, Author

The first book in a series of many, The Soul on the Ceiling, is an easy read, encyclopedic collection of answers to every question possible about souls, past lives and reincarnation.

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About The Book

This is the place for genuine answers…

To appreciate reincarnation, you need to have an understanding of the soul. For most of us, it is a bit of a wafty concept of a ghost-like energy that floats around rather like the cartoon character, Casper the Friendly Ghost. Well, as it turns out that isn’t a bad analogy.

In The Soul on the Ceiling ascended master Saint-Germaine explains the soul at all phases of the physical and non-physical.

What is it doing before, during and after a birth? How does it function throughout its short, medium or long stay in a human body? What happens at death? And how does it operate when it is not in the physical? What lessons did it learn (or fail to learn too) during any lifetime? Why does it need to return to do another life or most often, lives?

So many questions arise from these few thoughts. Saint-Germaine has answered a myriad of these for us. To clarify further, we are privileged to also have the journal of a young soul called Ben as he prepared and planned his next incarnation. This is a unique insight channelled over a two-year period.

Piecing all these insights together enables us to see the bigger picture behind past lives and, more interestingly, how they manifest in this life. In each and every one of us. If you want to recognize where your passions or phobias or lovers or parents might have come from, The Soul on the Ceiling can help you understand the deeper underlying dynamics of your personality and your life.




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