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The first book in a series of many, The Soul on the Ceiling, is an easy read, encyclopedic collection of answers to every question possible about souls, past lives and reincarnation.

What happens to the soul when a human dies?
Why do some souls reincarnate immediately when others wait two thousand years?
Where does the soul live within the human body?
When does the soul join a newborn child? Before, during or after birth?
How do past lives manifest in this life?

Answers to these and a myriad more questions are given by ascended master Saint-Germaine. The process of preparing for a new life was given step by step over a period of two years by Ben, a young male-energy soul who was seduced by modern technology. His story is a unique illustration of that process.

A real page-turner.

Rosalba Gustin, company director

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Peter Benn, author