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Passions & Past Lives

Part 4: Invisible Realms Populated By Billions...

Have you ever considered the possibility of past lives?

The idea that we have lived many times prior to this life. This is a Buddhist concept called reincarnation, but for me it transcends religion.

It has been a normal part of my life for many years, as natural as breathing.

My concept is that when we die the soul returns to the ether (I don’t like the word heaven because that implies there is a hell which I don’t buy), to invisible realms populated by billions of souls in various stages of their soul-development, most of whom will have lived on earth at some stage. We all start a new incarnation with a plan which creates opportunities for us to learn lessons to enhance our soul-development which we then review when we return after death.

Now we all know that our family ancestors have a direct influence on our physical and emotional make-up via our genetics. I physically looks like my Mum and her mother before that. The son whose personality is a carbon-copy of his father’s, maybe warts and all, reflects his father’s genes. But maybe our past lives also influence our personality, opinions, strengths perhaps, and even our passions…

If you are intrigued enough to wonder about your own past lives, have a look at

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