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The Soul on the Ceiling

Enjoy a teaser of what's to come...

Tis I, Saint-Germaine. Welcome and lovely to see you here today. I just wanted to say that I hope you enjoy and can learn from my ramblings all about the soul and past lives. I would like this book to generate a much wider understanding and therefore a greater acceptance of reincarnation as a normality in everybody’s life irrespective of culture.

This is generally how every channelling session starts. With a boisterous welcome full of warmth and encouragement.

Channelling is a form of communication between two energies where one (a human) is the receiver or a conduit for the information, and the other (an invisible being) is the sender; it is a method of receiving messages from an external invisible source.

Channelling can be likened to tuning into a radio station where each station operates on its own frequency.

When a person channels, they are plugging into an individual energy frequency in order to connect to a specific intelligent being. This may link the channeller to a discarnate soul, beings from the angelic realm, ascended masters, spirit guides, even aliens. And like a radio frequency, the channeller is merely the conduit for the messages and may or may not personally believe or accept them.

For practical and safety reasons channelling is best undertaken with two people present, the channeller and a facilitator. The facilitator’s job is to ensure the wellbeing of the channeller but if questions are being asked of the spirit who is speaking, then they also become the questioner. Clynton has been my facilitator for this book.

Channelling is not new. Names known to most of us include Nostradamus who lived in the 16th century producing his prophecies in the form of quatrains. History also tells of Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi in ancient Greece who was said to channel the sun god Apollo. The best known 20th-century channeller was Edgar Cayce who produced a corpus of medical diagnoses for ailing individuals. The 21st century seems to have generated a resurgence with names including Neale Donald Walsh (author of the Conversations with God book series), Esther Hicks (who channels collective wisdom under the name of Abraham), Geoffrey Hoppe (who runs Crimson Circle), and Lee Carroll (who channels Kryon).

Most channellers need to be in a trance state or under hypnosis to be able to channel. I (and I am not unique in this) am able to do this spontaneously by setting the intent that I wish to do this next Tuesday at 3pm, let’s say. At the agreed time my facilitator will be present, I will set up the voice recorder, make myself comfortable, and the process starts almost instantly. What happens is that my soul vacates my body leaving space for the discarnate speaker to temporarily take up residence. This enables him (and most often it is a male-energy being) to use my physical body (ie my voice and that part of my brain to do with language and emotions) to relay his messages or story. I do not hear and then repeat the messages; they are spoken directly. Coming out of the channelling is the reverse of this, ie the speaker leaves and my own soul returns to my body.

Our sessions are structured with a pre-set purpose; for instance, for this book, we would have a list of questions about souls. Before we start, this intent registers with the specific being we need to answer our questions and usually, he will come through first. Quite often other spirits will follow with additional material. I have no control over who comes through or the order in which they appear, and I have never experienced any mischievous or malevolent spirits. I can only channel one being at a time…

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