‘God moves in mysterious ways,’ as the hymn says, and so do these books.

On the surface, they look like a collection of free-standing biographies of Christian forefathers, which they are.

But underneath, they intertwine and interconnect in the most unexpected ways, weaving the early and flimsy foundations for what eventually blossomed into the world’s largest religion, Christianity.

The connection between John the Baptist and Jesus is understood but what do we know of the links between Paul and the disciple Andrew for instance? And Jesus’ brother James’ life after the crucifixion?

And what about the age-old conundrum of, can the Bible be relied on as historical truth? Are the timelines portrayed in the Bible accurate?

Just to forewarn you, because these stories are channelled with each individual speaking his truth, they don’t necessarily concur with the Biblical versions.

Josephus - The Roman Mouthpiece
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Further Reading

I found the following to be informative and often fascinating in providing background into, and sometimes confirmation of, the people, culture and era that my books cover. The list is far from exhaustive and they are all still available.

The first book which grabbed my interest was Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln, New York, 1982. (It has been updated and republished many times since). Explosive in its time, it was the first modern book to provide researched evidence about Jesus’ life. Jesus’ comment on this book was:

‘The three gentlemen who researched this book were very, very hot on the trail of the truth. They have written subsequent books which are also worthy that follow up later research and are also too close to the truth.’

  • The Carta Bible Atlas, Yohann Aharoni et al, 1968
  • The Works of Josephus, Flavius Josephus, 1987
  • Jerusalem the Biography, Simon Sebag Montefiore, 2011
  • Zealot, Aslan Resla, 2013
  • The Islamic Jesus, Mustafa Akyol, 2017
  • The Jesus Papers, Michael Baigent, 2006
  • The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh & Henry Lincoln, 1982
  • The Messianic Legacy, Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh & Henry Lincoln, 1986
  • The Tomb of God, Richard Andrews & Paul Schellenberger, 1996
  • Jesus and the Essenes, Dolores Cannon, 1992
  • They Walked with Jesus, Dolores Cannon, 1994
  • Edgar Cayce’s Past Lives of Jesus, An Amazing Story, Jeffrey Furst, Ed., 1968
  • Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Laurence Gardner, 1996
  • The Unknown Life of Jesus, Nicholas Notavich,1894
  • The Passover Plot, Hugh J. Schonfield, 2005
  • The Science of Channeling, Helané Wahbeh, 2021
  • The Essenes, Children of the Light, Stuart Wilson, & Joanna Prentis, 2005
  • A History of the Jewish War A.D. 66-74, Steve Mason, 2016
  • Caesar’s Messiah, Joseph Atwill, 2011