My Current Co-workers

Robert Ford

Robert Ford

Robert is the proprietor of Seddon Book Alley, the best second-hand bookshop in Melbourne’s west, if not the whole of Melbourne. He became fascinated with the stories in my biographies and has happily settled into a role as my mentor, beta-reader and facilitator. As a bookstore owner, Robert uniquely contributes his perspectives from the sellers and customers points of view.

Face of Michelle in front of Great Wall of China.

Michelle Griffiths

Michelle is one of my facilitators and a beta reader. She is a professional working lady but she is also fascinated by ancient history and loves travelling (COVID-19 permitting) exploring the world’s ancient sites.  Her enquiring mind adds colour and details to our stories and challenges me to think about things more widely.

Dr Mark Tucker

Dr Mark Tucker

Mark has worked in banking and more recently in academia. He completed his PhD late in his career as a university lecturer. His attention to detail and encouragement to apply academic rigour to my writing and editing is his unique contribution to the team. Mark is now retired and lives in Melbourne.

My Earlier Co-workers

Pam Holland close-up

Pam Holland

Pam was my researcher and fact-checker. Our storytellers acknowledge that they are not good at dates and ages and I have learnt to check all manner of details that we are given. Pam is a retired town planner and over the years has worked all over Australia. She lives in sunny Queensland.

Close-up of Rosalba

Rosalba Gustin

Rosalba is one of our beta-readers and she contributes business skills and experience as well as being a reiki healer and an NLP master practitioner. Fascinated by the power of the mind and all things spiritual, she was delighted to be a beta-reader which has opened a new chapter of discovery. She is lucky to live in the warmth of Perth, Australia.

Stephen Burrows

Stephen Burrows

Stephen is an experienced global and international IT technology expert who has changed his life’s course to do a fine art degree. I am privileged that he agreed to bring his expertise to the tiny world of our social media needs. Both his technological and creative skills are in evidence with every post.

My Original Co-workers

Clynton Cooper-Alyn

The late Clynton Cooper-Alyn

Clynton was my first facilitator and we were the original channelling team. He was also able to channel although early on, he decided he was happier fulfilling the role of facilitator which he did for many years until ill-health forced his retirement. He has always had a strong and active interest in all things spiritual and is a member of the Victorian Spiritualist Union.

Danijela Jakic

Danijela is a past-life regressionist and I met her when she conducted my first, and many subsequent, past-life regressions. This was the starting point for what slowly evolved into my current channelling abilities and because she was part of this project right at the beginning, she was also one of the original facilitators for a few years.

Danijela is currently practising Chinese Medicine in Melbourne’s west.