Book by Spirits – and Me

Just who are these Spirits and who is ‘Me’? And what books?

Ok, the easy answer first. I am Anthea, as in antheawynn.com, and I am a channeller who has come to this spiritual communication late in life – and I love it! I led a wide-ranging and pretty left-brained life before this which included computer programming in the days of punched cards, and credit scoring in the days when it was only secret bank business. Now I am back in sunny Australia where my life is given over to working with my Spirit (and some Aussie) mates.

The Spirits of the title are all serious forefathers of Christianity who want to tell their human life stories, much of which does not match up with the Bible stories we all know.

A big claim? You bet – and a big responsibility. But I want this blog to bring their stories down to earth because, in their day, these people were all mere mortals just like us. And they’d like their lives to be understood in that context as well as in truth and integrity.

The books in the pipeline are all first-hand accounts of the speaker’s life journey. The lynchpin in this series is obviously Jesus but the others are not insignificant and all of them have played their unwitting part in laying the foundations for Christianity. In this blog, I will bring you some non-conforming snippets from Jesus story, his version of some Biblical events, and what happened at and after the crucifixion. It is all confounding and thought-provoking.

Please note…

Before I start posting, I need to say that the entries in the Jesus didn’t… category will largely be setting the record straight, presenting his version and truth about some of the Bible stories. These are going to quote Jesus verbatim and are gentle corrections, but nevertheless, if you feel that you might find them upsetting or offensive, then this is just to warn you upfront.

Jesus didn’t…
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