What have I done all my life…


This is it in a nutshell. The detail is too long-winded but contact me if you really want to know.


1960s – trained and worked as a radiographer in Melbourne’s public hospitals in the days of no seat belts and no drink-driving laws. Pretty horrendous accidents on Friday and Saturday nights…

1970s – got bored with the predictable routine of radiography so I trained as a computer programmer. This was in the days of sex discrimination, so it took me over two years to land a job. Eventually, CSIRO rescued me and I learnt heaps.

Mid-1970s – moved to England. Worked in the back-end analysis of market research surveys in the much-maligned Milton Keynes. Became the figurehead for a television advertising survey.

1980s – worked for Barclaycard, Barclays Bank credit card company, installing their first credit-scoring system.

Late-1980s – moved to a credit-scoring provider just near Windsor Castle, becoming CEO.

1990 – collapsed under the corporate strain succumbing to chronic fatigue, a five-year sentence.

Mid-1990s – self-employed marketing communications. Co-authored my credit-scoring textbook which is still in use today.

Mid-2000s – returned to Australia and started writing seriously. Discovered past-life regression which morphed into channelling and has become my late-life new career.