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ANTHEA is eclectic but serious

I am a spiritual author and editor which also means that I am a researcher using unconventional approaches. My field of interest is the factual human lives of significant Christian forefathers and influencers. My primary method is trance channelling where each of these patriarchs has personally spoken and delivered the truth about their lives and their individual contribution to spreading Jesus’ message. My other method is applying conventional citations and references to their stories where possible, together with compiling extensive bibliographies.

I started this work in 2008 when Jesus and his family appeared, wanting to tell the true story of his life, messages and achievements. Over the years this expanded to include the lives of all the other speakers whose books are showcased here.

It began as a single speaker hoping that the truth might contribute to a better understanding which just might influence peace in conflicted parts of the world. It will end with the story of a significant early author whose contribution is the Roman authority’s perspective and use of Jesus’s message. To be able to show how these men’s lives interlinked was an unexpected bonus. But to be given both sides of the story is a balance and a privilege I never dreamed of being able to provide.

I bring these stories to you now because I agreed to do this work for them. But I also want this information to add to the existing body of knowledge on these extensively researched subjects.

My long career has been eclectic and multi-faceted, and you can see a more detailed resume here as well as my publications below. My life has been split between living in the UK and Australia and I am now based in Melbourne, Australia.


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The Soul on the Ceiling, conversations on reincarnation, coronavirus edition, 2020

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The Soul on the Ceiling, conversations on reincarnation, 2018

Aged Care Homes book

Aged Care Homes: the complete Australian guide, 2008

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Principles and Practice of Consumer Credit Risk Management, 2003

Physical silver award
UK Credit Industry Awards 2001
Best New Product of the Year

and the winner is…

Principles and Practice of Consumer Credit Risk Management with Helen McNab, 2000


Aged Care: the complete Australian guide, 2014, 2016

Aged Care Homes: the complete Australian guide, 2010, 2012

Book reviewer:

Seddon Book Alley, 2019

Professional Publications:

All my publication details can be seen on Google Scholar.

Soul Stories (anthology) 2021

Mucmara – UK e-magazine, regular features, 2018

Prime Times Tasmania – regular features, 2009-2011

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Travellers Tales from Heaven and Hell (anthology),1999

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Safe System or Stalinist System? Robert Morgan, 2018

Every Day is your Best Day, Peter Benn, Argosy Media, 2014

Tales from the Fur Side, Peter Benn, Argosy Media, 2013

The Versatile Husband, Peter Benn, Argosy Media, 2012

Cruise Excursions, Peter Benn, Argosy Media, 2012

Credit Risk International, Launch Editor, 2002


Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing, Box Hill Institute, 2018