For over ten years I have been channelling the human, non-religious, biographies of long-deceased Christianity’s forefathers. This has resulted in the following books. These stories all intertwine and overlap as you can see below and they all have a crucial part in the evolution of early Western Christianity.

These do not replicate the well-known Biblical tales but fill in the gaps, eg Jesus’ youth, relate emotional as well as geographic journeys, and depict the bases from which our Christian ‘truths’ have evolved. All the speakers are chatty, vulnerable, honest, mere mortals and their stories all read in this fashion.

In the future, this project is likely to include autobiographies of:

  • James the Brother,
  • Josephus the Historian, and
  • Others as yet unknown.

The hope is that these additional storytellers will both widen and broaden this history in directions and depths as yet unknown.


The central figure in these biographies, of course is Jesus. He was surrounded by the disciples (shown within the square). What is not obvious until you have read their stories, is how the links between the other storytellers extended before and after their lifetimes. The lines joining two people indicate that they actually met during their lives and in the course of spreading Jesus’ message.

Interrelationships between story-tellers


Single speaker – Jesus

This project started out, in 2010, as a means of relaying and then publishing Jesus’ human autobiography, as told by himself and those close to him. This was to be achieved via channelling and this was the sole objective at that time. The driving force behind this was a celestial committee and ascended master Saint-Germaine, who is one of its members, became our intermediary.

In earthly terms, my original channelling partner, Clynton, and I were doing past-life regressions when one day Father Joseph appeared and obviously wanted to talk to us. That was the start. He slowly got us used to the idea that we had a significant role to play in bringing this legend to the human public and over time Jesus, his brother James, and both his parents recounted the story. This, it turned out, had unexpected twists and turns and longevity, and it took us three or four years to channel it completely – as we then thought.

Additional speakers – Christian forefathers

Unbeknown to us, other souls whose stories were significant in Biblical and historical terms, were watching and listening and eventually they too wanted to tell their life stories. So over the following years, and still continuing today, the people whose books are displayed on this website, all came forward to relate their life’s ups and downs, all of which made important contributions to today’s western Christianity.

After seven years of working together, Clynton was forced to retire and my current channelling partners are Michelle and Robert.


In 2010, Jesus told us this:

‘My reason is the current state of the world. The current state of your world is, in a nutshell, a big mess. I would like to hope that by offering this and being very clear that my single message was ‘love thy neighbour’ with all the ways that could be interpreted and enacted, this could come through as a beacon, a shining light for your world to pick up on today.

‘I want my story to be a means of explaining what my message truly was. I went forth and spoke my message of “love thy neighbour”. If there is transparency and there is respect and honour and regard for humans, including their differences, then why isn’t there peace? As I see it, it is that simple.’


Channelling is a technique for communicating with discarnate spirits which is akin to mediumship. Over a lifetime, a medium will typically receive thousands of quite short messages from discarnate souls, each destined for an individual recipient. By contrast, a channeller typically works with just a few entities over very long periods, ten years so far in my case.

Channelling is not new. Known names include Nostradamus who, in the 16th century, produced his prophecies in the form of quatrains. History also tells of Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi in ancient Greece, who was said to channel the sun god Apollo.

The best known 20th-century channeller was Edgar Cayce who produced a corpus of medical diagnoses for ailing individuals. The 21st century has generated a resurgence with names including Neale Donald Walsh, author of the Conversations with God book series, Esther Hicks who channels collective wisdom under the name of Abraham, Geoffrey Hoppe who runs Crimson Circle, and Lee Carroll who channels Kryon.

See it for yourself

To better understand the actual process, have a look at these clips. They are included here to illustrate the process, which can vary for every individual, rather than the subject matter.

Esther Hicks has been channelling Abraham for 35 years.

Lee Carroll has channelled for over 30 years – for the explanation, watch this clip from  20.22 minutes. To my knowledge, both these people have only ever chanelled their respective single entity.