What is Channelling?

At last, a wonderfully down-to-earth book has been written which explains this in plain English. The Science of Channelling by Helená Wahbeh (published in 2021) looks at a wide range of parapsychological phenomena and gives us this broad definition:

“Channeling is the process of revealing information and energy not limited by our conventional notions of space and time that can appear receptive or expressive.”

While this is great for experiences like telepathy, clairvoyance and goosebumps, my experiences are better explained by her more specific definition:

 “A trance channeler is someone who believes that a discarnate spirit is using their body to communicate directly.”

So how is this different from how mediums work? Most mediums will explain that they communicate mentally with the deceased entity. This means that they hear or see or sense, or a mix of these, messages or images which they then verbalise. On the other hand, trance channellers allow the entity to speak directly using their human brain and voice box primarily but the rest of the body may also display physical movements or actions.

Another difference is that a medium will work with many (thousands over a lifetime’s work) of individual spirits, each of whom communicates a short message for a brief time to a single recipient. These spirits are usually a deceased family member or friend of the recipient. A trance channeller, on the other hand, works continuously for long periods (over a decade thus far in my case) with a very small number of spirits, each of whom communicates for months, if not years, delivering a variety of styles of materials. These entities can be any non-human spirit. For instance, I have channelled archangels, one or two animal spirits, aliens and one collective group as well as some recently-departed friends. But the bulk of my communications has come from the speakers of the books displayed on this website.

Trance channelling is not new. History tells of the Oracle of Delphi in ancient Greece, who was said to channel prophecies from the sun god Apollo. Nostradamus possibly channelled his prophetic quatrains in the 16th century. More recent names include Emanuel Swedenborg who preceded the growth of the Spiritualist Movement in the 19th century. The best-known 20th-century channeller was Edgar Cayce, who produced a corpus of medical diagnoses for ailing individuals.

The 21st century seems to have generated a resurgence with names including Neale Donald Walsh (author of the Conversations with God books since 1995), Esther Hicks (who has channelled collective wisdom under the name of Abraham since 1987), Geoffrey Hoppe (who runs Crimson Circle and has channelled firstly Tobias, then Adamus, since 1999) and Lee Carroll (who has channelled Kryon since 1991). As you can see, these individuals have all worked with just one or two entities over many years and continue to do so.

See it for yourself

To better understand the actual process, have a look at these clips. They are included here to illustrate the process, which can vary for each individual.

Esther Hicks has been channelling Abraham for 35 years.

Lee Carroll has channelled for over 30 years – for the explanation, watch this clip from  20.22 minutes. To my knowledge, both these people have only ever chanelled their respective single entities.