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are saying about The Soul on the ceiling?

“I’m really grateful for the small amount that we discussed channelling and that I could read your book, The Soul on the Ceiling. Even in my short time up here, what I read in your book has already helped me immensely and I wanted to say thank you.

Jan Habel, Friend

“It’s like a practical handbook about life after death, written in an easy to read, conversational style. Anthea’s Spirit Guide, Saint-Germaine, comes across as an amiable cove, who’s keen to get across what happens to quizzical humans – even if his patience does get tested sometimes by the raft of questions posed by Anthea!

I don’t think there’s one question that isn’t answered here: How is a soul created? … Do souls choose their parents? … What happens to your soul when you die? … What happens when you come back? I was surprised to find myself absorbed in the conversations.”

“The book provides much food for thought and discussion long after you’ve put it down.”

Gabi Fisher, Author

“Reading The Soul on the Ceiling and being taken through a series of explanations made the subject matter very accessible. The use of an interview-like approach gave the content a voice that I found easy to relate to with many questions and responses making me stop and reflect. Personally, the book had a profound effect for me; how and why are difficult to explain.”

“I found it thought-provoking as well as challenging and reading it has opened my mind to the whole area of the soul and past lives.”

Robert Ford, Book-seller

“Despite the book’s appeal with its question and answers format, the author’s honest approach to many of the issues raised, and the personal insights into her past lives, I came away more knowledgeable, but not convinced. It has made me stop and think about a bigger picture. The various examples are both fascinating and puzzling and it has left me with many more questions.”

“I recommend this book as an interesting and informative introduction into the world of souls and reincarnation. If you are a doubter like myself, it might give you reason to pause and reflect.”

Mark Tucker, Lecturer

“Do we come to this earth-plane with a pre-determined plan? Does our inner soul have free-will to do as it pleases? And what of natural interventions like Covid19? Perhaps there are thoughts of retribution after we die and even fear of death. It’s natural that we all have questions about how and why our lives are so different from one another, our purpose for living, and indeed, what is this soul that seemingly lives inside our physical body.”

“It’s natural that we all have questions about how and why our lives are so different from one another…”

Peter Benn, Author

“A well-researched and very readable book on the afterlife which challenges perceptions of our existence in a logical and thought-provoking manner.”

John Hooper, Sceptic

“This book has everything you might want to know
about reincarnation but were afraid to ask.”

Simon Surtees, Lay Preacher

“…the information was fascinating and informative…”

Rebecca Turner, Amazon Reviewer

“A very interesting and deeply thought out book.
Worth a read for anyone interested in the subject matter.”

L Curtis-King, Amazon reviewer