As you might expect over the centuries thousands of non-religious books have been written about Jesus in every conceivable language. This is way too much for me to wade through, so I have been guided by which books and authors have crossed my path. A great source for these is the bibliography lists given in more serious books – and when you scroll down on my webpage of course.

These two books have both been created through past life regressions. Both totally independently from each other and at different times and in countries.

Dolores Cannon (1931 – 2014)

Dolores was arguably the founder of past life regression. As a hypnotherapist in 1968, she was working with a patient who suddenly flipped into a past life and the rest is history. Over a working life of nearly 50 years, she regressed thousands of people and compiled the most fascinating and controversial stories into 17 books.

Jesus and the Essenes was published in 1992 and ‘describes the life of a young man who was an Essene teacher of Jesus. Many truths about Jesus himself, his personality, his background, his life and the times he lives in are revealed in this fascinating account.’

I was privileged to hear Dolores speak on her Australian tour in 2011 not long after we had started channelling Jesus’ story.

Stuart Wilson and Joanna Prentis

In 1988 Joanna set up the Starlight Centre for healing in Devon (England) and by 1990 Stuart was also working there. Joanna was a hypnotherapist and past life regressionist and in due course, Stuart underwent the first of many regressions. Along with several other subjects, they discovered that they had all lived through the same time period and place. Indeed some of them had been known to each other then. One of them regressed to Joseph of Arimathea.

The Essenes, Children of the Light was published in 2005. To quote its back cover, ‘Did Jesus really die on the cross?  Who was Mary Magdalene and what was her real connection with Jesus?  Extensive new information about the secretive Essene mystery schools.’

I have been privileged to meet Joanna several times and she has been really insightful and helpful to me.


Because the contents of both these books overlap with mine, they provide a fascinating perspective that has broadened my understanding of the time, place and culture. And there are plenty more like these still to talk about. Are past lives a valid research tool? In books, you bet!