Jesus and the disciples did visit Capernaum and the Sea of Galilee, Jesus, and separately his brother James, went out on fishing boats one morning. None of the fishermen were catching anything and Jesus did gently suggest to his man that he ‘cast your nets on the other side.’ with the results that Bible tell us about.

Jesus: ‘I know your Bible also says that some of the disciples were fishermen. Even though Capernaum was on the edge of the Sea of Galilee, most of the town wasn’t at the actual water’s edge, and it operated like any other land-based town. I did recruit two men disciples here but neither of them nor any of the others later on, were fishermen.’

Jesus and the disciples also preached to the locals one Sabbath afternoon. Jesus: ‘Your stories have it that there were 5000 people when I preached at the Sea of Galilee, but that was unrealistic because where would 5000 people have come from in our day to be in one small place at one time? It probably wasn’t even 500.’