Jesus: ‘I should explain that unlike the suggestion in your Bible that I healed an official’s son in Cana, I never gave healing to any Romans anywhere. Why would I? That was only going to bring me to their notice which was the last thing I wanted, and I worked hard to avoid.

‘This leads onto the issue of raising people from the dead, supposedly including Lazarus. Firstly, I’m not sure that I had that ability, and even if I did, I never tested it. It would have been totally inappropriate for me to do that. A person who has died has chosen to leave this planet. It was not for me or any other mortal human to change that. Lazarus was older, and it was his time to go.

‘Now, if someone was on their sickbed and was expected to pass, but they didn’t actually die, and later the neighbours saw them up and about, it might appear that they had come back from the dead.

‘None of us raised the dead. It was not my place to make an older person young, to make a dead person alive, to make a sick person instantly well. It was never my place to change their karmic path, although I would not have used that phrase.’