Lots of people have asked me how I got into channelling so here goes. For years I had been fascinated by past lives and eventually, I discovered past life regression. I was living in England but despite my best efforts, I could not find a practitioner. I thought this was a bit odd but I eventually gave up. Some years later I returned to live in Melbourne where I stumbled across Danijela, a local past life regression practitioner. After all my previous efforts, I was amazed to find her on my doorstep and did wonder at the synchronicity.

Needless to say, I underwent a number of sessions with her, seeing amazing stories, occasionally with people known to me today. In time, I asked her to teach me how to do it, not wanting to set up in business, but simply to have that skill. Then, of course, I needed to practice – not something you undertake lightly but I never, then or since, have I had any bad experiences.


Now more synchronicity steps in if that’s what you believe. Clynton had just returned from NZ to live in Melbourne and was very keen, having undergone the process in the past. So I set to with great success and towards the end, I innocently asked if there was anyone else who wanted to talk to us.

‘Joseph, my spirit guide,’ he said.

Knowing that he had grown up in a very religious household, I wondered, but nevertheless, I asked, ‘Is this a Joseph who is known to us from history?’

‘Ye-es,’ as though it should have been obvious. ‘Joseph, father of Jesus.’

Well, I was astounded, stunned into silence, but I could only think to ask broadly and was told that he just wanted to make himself known to us. Afterwards, Clynton confirmed that for years he had known that Joseph was one of his spirit guides.


With more practice, we discovered that we could both channel as it was only one step on from past lives.  One afternoon Clynton was channelling when Joseph returned saying that he wanted to tell us his life story. Once we’d got over that shock, it became obvious that they really wanted us to channel Jesus’ biography. So, in 2010 the process began, and intermittently, it has taken ten years to complete.


This photo of Clynton was taken a few years ago. We worked wonderfully well together for seven years until he was diagnosed with aphasia and was unable to continue. As I write he has just celebrated his 79th birthday.