Channelling and mediumship have a lot in common. In both cases, a discarnate spirit will deliver his or her message(s) through a human receiver who then delivers that message to its intended recipient.

A medium will work with thousands of spirits each of whom communicates for a brief time. These spirits are nearly always departed loved ones connected to the person seeking a reading.

A channeller, on the other hand, works continuously for long periods (a decade thus far in my case) with a small number of spirits, each of whom communicates for months, if not years.

My spirits are not people I have known who have passed, that’s another difference. They are a group who want their stories told in the form of books. I just happen to be the messenger.

I don’t hear these stories and then verbally repeat them. The spirit talks directly through me using my voice box and brain.

Sounds weird? I guess it is, but I have got so used to it now that it’s as normal as putting on my socks!