One thing I’ve learnt in my ten years of channelling is that the various words used to describe spirit communication often get used interchangeably so I figured some explanation might help.

A Psychic is…

A person who foretells the future using ESP (extra-sensory perception) amongst a variety of other tools. These can include tarot cards, crystals in various shapes including large balls, psychometric readings (where they sense a situation or experience from handling a personal item like a watch or bracelet). As in every industry known to man, some are better than others. From my experience, there is no easy way to prejudge that. Well known Psychics include Edgar Cayce, John Edward and Sylvia Browne

A Medium is…

Someone who tunes into the spirits or souls of departed friends and family bringing forth personal messages. This practice is the basis for Spiritualist Churches throughout the world. These are not-for-profit movements, rather than religious organisations. Their services include a segment where mediums will demonstrate the process by transmitting messages for members of the audience.

A channeller is

Someone else who, using the same sort of processes as a medium, makes contact with any spirit or soul that wishes to communicate. Sometimes these are the spirit guide(s) who are supporting the channeller through their current life. In my case, one of my spirit guides is ascended master Sainte-Germaine (who gave us my previous book, The Soul on the Ceiling). He coordinates our storytellers and manages all sorts of backstage, unseen infrastructure so that our channelling sessions always run smoothly.

The Clairs

Let’s look briefly at the how of these processes which spirit communicators use in varying degrees:

  • Clairvoyance is the ability to see images in your mind,
  • Clairaudience is hearing things that aren’t physically there,
  • Clairalience is the ability to smell things usually out of context,
  • Clairsentience is feeling someone else’s emotion or physical pain.

I am… and am not

I can’t do readings so I am not a psychic. Despite training to be a medium, I cannot contact other people’s departed loved ones. But I am specifically a channeller.

In terms of the clairs, I can’t feel or hear things. I can sometimes smell newly-mown grass, but given that I live in a high-rise apartment, that certainly isn’t floating in from next door. I have learnt to understand what it means. But when I am channelling, I have crisp and clear images of places and circumstances although virtually never of people. Why no people or faces? I have no idea. It’s all part of the lovely mystery of this process.