Over the years I have worked with a few colleagues, each of whom immediately notices the changes in me when I am actually channelling.

‘I’ve watched Anthea channel and everything about her self-being shifts. Her everyday mannerisms, way of speaking, demeanour and physiology disappear. She’s not Anthea, she becomes whoever is speaking through her. It’s truly astonishing and I admit I was quite unnerved initially.’

Jen Burrows, Assistant Director, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane


‘The first time I worked with Anthea I was feeling a little intimidated by participating in something totally new to me. It was amazing how natural it all was. When Saint-Germaine started talking, although it was Anthea’s voice, it was him speaking. And I wasn’t just an observer. He acknowledged me as part of the session and made me feel included.  Each entity who spoke appeared different/individual, even though I was hearing Anthea’s voice. Each session was amazing.’

Pam Holland, Retired Town Planner


‘When Anthea is channelling, her voice sounds the same but the manner and pace of her speech has a very different feel for different speakers. It begins with her coughing, almost as though she is making room for them in her body. The different pace is particularly noticeable when someone new first comes through. They start quite slowly, deliberate word by word enunciation until they get the hang of this process. Once they have developed some confidence and trust in the process, then their personalities and different styles of story-telling start to come through.’

Michelle, Accountant