Apart from me, who else is a channeller today whose name might be known to you?

Neale Donald Walsh, author of the Conversations with God books, tells us that he sat down with a pen and pad, needing to vent his wrath to God about the bad stuff in his life. Next thing he knows, ‘God’ is writing back to him, giving him answers. This type of channelling is sometimes known as automatic writing.

Geoffrey Hoppe runs the Crimson Circle in America and channels various entities including ascended masters Adamus and Kuthumi. Geoffrey channels by tuning in so that the spirit speaks directly through him – and, unlike me, he can do it with his eyes open and walking around the room. That’s clever.

Esther Hicks channels collective inspirational wisdom under the name of Abraham and was talking about the Law of Attraction well before The Secret came out. Lee Carroll channels Kryon who elaborates on many new age concepts. Both of these people have been working publicly as channellers for the last thirty years.

So it’s not a new phenomenon. Next time I will tell you about some earlier and inspired channellers.