A couple more well-known Bible stories that, during my channelling sessions, Jesus refuted.

Jesus: ‘Now your stories relate that I preached a special Sermon on the Mount, although what Mount and where is not totally clear. If I did preach such a sermon, it wouldn’t have been anything different or more special or significant than any other sermon. And it would have been opportunistic because there were people there. It only would have been about love thy neighbour because that was the only message I ever preached.’

Jesus: ‘I know your Bible also says that I fasted for forty days in the wilderness, so let’s get this story clear. No, I didn’t do that. Why would I want to? I didn’t have any need or occasion. And besides, I’ve got a wife and child to look after. But just think about it. How could anyone survive fasting for that long? In purely practical terms, that makes no sense. So no, I didn’t.’